Formulating a naturally stunning skincare brand.

Industry: Skincare
Product Packaging
The Challenge

Creating a new brand is no easy task, but that was the exact challenge new skincare business Hanavie approached us with. The goal was to create not only a stunning brand visual identity that aligned with their company, but also to put that image into action with bespoke product packaging mockups.

The Solution

In order for our team to create a memorable and unforgettable brand identity for Hanavie, we needed to understand who they truly were as a brand. After multiple interviews and planning sessions we pinpointed several aspects of their business that we could build around.

Hanavie’s line of skincare products primarily use all natural ingredients so our design team aimed to put together a style guide that captured the very floralsame essence. The new colour palette featured a mix of strong, earthy shades and soft, floral tones, while a clear and distinguishable typography was chosen.

With a style guide in place, we helped our client to visualise their new brand image through highly detailed mockups of potential product packaging, covering everything from bottle designs to on-the-shelf packaging boxes. We also created potential marketing asset designs in the form of posters, signs and stickers – further examples of the new Hanavie brand in the real world.

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