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The Challenge

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The Solution

After reviewing their website, our team pointed out three main issues with the website:

  • Unengaging head banner
  • Cluttered information
  • Overly busy design and layout

To address these issues we firstly created a brand new, visually appealing head banner that encouraged visitors to scroll down and find out more. We also rearranged sections and rewrote copy so that information flowed clearly and naturally. Finally, we gave the overall design a makeover by balancing the brand’s main colour of red with blank space to create a website that matched Fandcy’s professionalism and encouraged visitors to sign-up to their service.


The Problem

Wholesale company, Fandcy, approached us with the goal of remaking their website and increasing the number of sign-ups to their wholesale service. Their current website was confusing and unclear which was a major reason behind their lack of conversions. Our team of graphic designers went to work to rectify this problem and create a ‘fandcy’ website that drove results.

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